Relational and interactional dynamic network data from Czech lower-secondary school students

❝This article introduces a network data set on the friendships and group work interactions among a convenience sample of 276 Czech Grade 6 students from twelve classrooms, supported by student-level demographic, literacy, motivation, and classroom communication data. Gathered longitudinally at the beginning and end of the 2021/2022 school year, the data provide a relational insight into the nature and evolution of early adolescents’ friendships. Moreover, the data provide a unique relational and temporal insight into the verbal interaction of students during classroom group work. This dataset constitutes a valuable resource for educational researchers interested in studying classroom group work as well as for social network scientists studying dynamic social networks.❞

In 2021/2022 school year, as part of the CoDiTe project, we collected granular interactional data from students’ group work along with longitudinal relational data about students’ friendships. Several papers from the data are now under review and we hope the data could be of use to anyone interested in studying mechanisms driving interaction between students.